In order for this game to happen, we need some tips and ideas. Lets face it, we cannot do everything alone. Here, we can add on wonderful Ideas for this game! The only rule is, respect each other's Idea's. You may not like it, but that does not give you the right to call them stupid or any of that nonsense. Well, what are we waiting for? LET THE BRAINSTORMING BEGIN!

Here is a list on what we currently need.

  • Characters
  • Plot
  • Building design

More may be added and/or be taken off.

UPDATE - We need a system for the timer. If all else fails their is the traditional 12-6 am thing, but that is kinda getting boring.

New update- I'm fine with jumpscares and tension, but can anyone think of something else scary to add in the game? Or, at the very least, increase the tension?

Silhouettes 2 Edit

I'm just going to write down everything I want to put in the sequel to the game.

Firstly, some sort of 'fright' metre. If dangerous things lurk around you, the metre rises. You must lower the metre to 0 to beat the act, but as it rises, thing start getting scarier, and the bar rises faster. If it gets to 100, you die.

The silhouette appears at the cabin window, in three phases: phase one, you just see two lights glowing over a field out the window, phase 2, a silhouette appears on the field, though rather hidden. It simply serves as a warning that the Silhouette will soon be a threat. Phase 3, the silhouette is right at the window, with the lamps being replaced by two luminous eyes, and the rest of the area being black, representing how you are actually staring right into the face of the silhouette.